AnChain.AI Web3 Investigation

Course Outline

Course Content

  1. Intro to Blockchain Hacks, Crypto-laundering and Hacking Tools
  2. Challenges of Crypto Regulation
  3. Law Enforcement and Remediation

AnChain.AI CISO™

  1. Overview of AnChain.AI CISO™
  2. CISO - Explore Page and Scam Risk Profile
  3. CISO - Manual Bitcoin Investigation
  4. CISO - Saved Investigation, Add Alert, and Address Book
  5. CISO - Auto Trace Investigation
  6. CISO - Know Your VASP
  7. CISO - NFT
  8. CISO - Sanctions List


  1. Obtain AnChain.AI CISO™ License
  2. AnChain CISO Certified Investigator Exam

About the Course

Welcome to AnChain.AI University’s Web3 Investigation course.

In this course, we will dive into the fundamentals of crypto-forensic investigation, including the common behaviors of hackers and other bad actors, transaction patterns that may be indicative of money laundering or other illicit activities, and the utilization of AnChain's CISO™ Investigation tool to uncover and investigate suspicious activity.