AnChain.AI Fundamentals of DeFi

Course Outline

Overview of DeFi

  1. Overview
  2. What is DeFi?


  1. What is Stablecoin?
  2. Market Capitalization: Stablecoin
  3. Market Capitalization: Blockchains
  4. 3 Types of Stablecoin
  5. How are Stablecoins Managed & Stored?
  6. Stablecoin Policy Considerations
  7. Stablecoin Risks
  8. Tether Transparency Report

Decentralized Exchanges

  1. Intro to Decentralized Exchanges
  2. What is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX)?
  3. Operational Structure
  4. Decentralized Exchange vs Centralized Exchange
  5. Exchange Models: Order Book, Automated Market Maker, Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker
  6. Exchange Models: Hybrid, Cross-Chain, Aggregators, Derivatives
  7. DeFi Llama

Liquidity Pools

  1. Intro to Liquidity Pools
  2. Incentive Mechanism
  3. How Scammers Use Liquidity Pools to Scam People
  4. Intro to Uniswap


  1. Intro to Oracles
  2. Oracle Manipulation Attacks
  3. Lending & Borrowing Protocols
  4. Interest Rate Models
  5. Interest-Bearing Tokens & Flashloans
  6. A Closer Look at a Flash Loan Attack

Course Exam

  1. Exam

About the Course

AnChain.AI Fundamentals of DeFi

Course Overview

AnChain.AI's Fundamentals of DeFi is a crash course that covers a comprehensive exploration of DeFi, covering stablecoins, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), liquidity, lending and borrowing protocols, oracles, and more. Participants will delve into the fundamental concepts, technologies, and mechanisms driving DeFi, gaining practical insights into its applications, risks, and regulatory considerations. Through real-world case studies and hands-on exercises, students will emerge with a deeper understanding of DeFi’s potential, challenges, and impact on the global financial ecosystem.

This course is designed for individuals interested in understanding the transformative potential of decentralized finance and its implications for financial inclusion, innovation, and decentralization. Whether you’re a blockchain investigator, financial professional, entrepreneur, or regulator, this course provides a comprehensive foundation for navigating the evolving world of DeFi.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role and significance of stablecoins within the DeFi ecosystem, including their importance in providing stability and liquidity.
  • Explore decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and their operational structures, comparing them with centralized exchanges (CEXs) and assessing factors such as security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.
  • Analyze different exchange models utilized in DeFi, including order book-based, automated market maker (AMM), concentrated liquidity market maker (CLMM), and hybrid exchanges, understanding their mechanisms and trade-offs.
  • Investigate lending and borrowing protocols in DeFi, examining concepts such as collateralization, interest rate models, utilization rates, and the use of flash loans.
  • Discuss real-world examples of DeFi exploits, attacks, and vulnerabilities in stablecoins, DEXs, and lending protocols, while exploring strategies for mitigating risks and enhancing security in these areas.

Recommended Pre-requisites:

  • Fundamentals of Web3
  • Fundamentals of Smart Contracts