AnChain.AI Fundamentals of Smart Contracts

AnChain.AI Fundamentals of Smart Contracts
Dive into the fundamentals of smart contract from a non-programming perspective
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Course Outline

Intro to Smart Contracts

  1. Intro to Smart Contracts
  2. Smart Contracts Across Ecosystems
  3. Knowledge Check #1

Ethereum, EVM, & ERC

  1. Intro to Ethereum
  2. Ethereum Virtual Machines and ERC Tokens
  3. Knowledge Check #2

Smart Contract Anatomy, Transactions & Security Challenges

  1. Smart Contract Anatomy
  2. Smart Contract Transactions, Security Challenges & Audit
  3. Knowledge Check #3

About the Course

As the decentralized finance, or DeFi, industry continues to grow in prominence, it’s important to bring our attention to one of the most important building blocks of DeFi — Smart Contracts.

This course is tailored for professionals seeking to understand the basics of smart contract technology from a non-programming perspective.

  • Master the fundamentals of smart contracts including the characteristics, anatomy, strengths & weaknesses, and more.
  • Become familiar with the growing range of smart contract platforms and discover the applications across the crypto ecosystem.
  • Learn the importance of standardization across smart contracts, and the security issues faced with the nature of smart contracts.